The Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, usually known as Humber College, was established in 1967. Humber is a government-subsidized college in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Humber College offers full and part-time tuition grants for new foreign undergraduate students starting from January and September of each year.
This program is accessible to candidates coming straightforwardly from secondary school/high school. The applicant must have not gone to a school or college or concentrated in Humber’s EAP program.

Brief Description 

1. College Name: Humber College
2. Qualification: International candidates
3. Course Level: Bachelor’s Degree
4. College Location: Canada
5. Application Deadline: September 27th, 2019


1. The accompanying must be met in order for candidates to be eligible for this grant:
2. This program is accessible to candidates coming legitimately from secondary school/high school. Candidate must have not gone to a school or college or concentrated in Humber’s EAP program.
3. The applicants are awarded to learn any courses of their choice offered by the university. All undergraduate programs offered at Humber College are qualified.
4. Applications will be viewed as dependent on academics, referee/reference letters, and articulation of intrigue.
5. Applicants must exhibit their English language capability.
6. International/foreign applicants are eligible to apply for these grants.

Method Of Application.
The application form will be incorporated with your acknowledgment package which you will get once you have been accepted into the Humber College meaning you should initially apply for admissions before you can apply for the Scholarship/grant.



$4,000        95% or higher         yes

$3,500        90 – 94.9%               yes

$3,000       85 – 89.9%               yes

$2,000      80 – 84.9%               yes

$1,500       75 – 79.9%               one time

NOTE: Eligibility depends on students secondary/high school achievement .
Renewable grants will be reissued if the students accomplish 80% or above in every year of the Bachelor’s degree.



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