The Canadian government understands that families always want to be together and Canada immigration supports family immigration too. You can include your spouse and children on the initial visa application for newcomers to Canada, parents and grandparents can join you later when you are already in Canada.

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How To Immigrate To Canada With Your Family

The Canadian government allows family immigration but not all immigration programs support that. It is very necessary you verify the program before applying.


Your life partner can be included in your own application for immigration.  A person of any sex, be it same-sex partners; who have been together as a partner for over a year.  The visa application should contain similar information for your partner as the “Main Candidate”. This is a typical direct family immigration application to make.


Children below the age of 18 can be included in your visa application; this excludes the case of children with physical disorders and health conditions, who have no age limit.

A qualified offspring can be seen as a child below the age of 19 who is not and never been married or a child of any age who is still depending financially on the sponsors due to a physical or health challenge.


Parents /Grandparents  

Parents and grandparents cannot be included in the visa application in most cases. They can be sponsored by a citizen or permanent resident. They can only be included in the initial application if the parents or grandparents are struggling financially and attracting humanitarian reasons.

A sponsorship agreement must be signed by you and your grandparents to enter Canada as permanent residents.

The agreement states that:

  • Monetary support will be provided to them by you if necessary.
  • All reasonable measures will be taken by your parents/grandparents to support themselves financially, even if it means getting a job.


There are conditions in which you may be unable to sponsor your parents/grandparents, the conditions are as follows:

  • Failed to abide by the financial support conditions for a past relative you sponsored in the past.
  •  Late payment or missed a payment or have defaulted on an immigration loan.
  • Have been convicted of any offense against a relative or engage in a violent and sexual offense.
  • Currently serving a prison sentence.
  • Have defaulted on a court order like child support order.
  • Out of monetary funds and declared bankrupt.
  • Have previously received benefits/monetary support from the Canadian government (exceptions for disability).


Orphaned relatives below 19 years of age such as brother, sister, cousin and etc can also be sponsored to move to Canada. The application process for these relatives has similar eligibility requirements and limitations to sponsoring parents and grandparents.

Visa Type That Support Family Immigration And Family Members You Can Bring.

Permanent Resident

All Canada’s economic immigration applications for permanent residency support family immigration. It requires a single person to apply as the main applicant. You can include your partner and kids in the immigration application. Once the application is approved, all family members included in the application will be granted permanent residency.

You should also know the majority of the permanent residency program requires candidates to show that they have enough monetary funds to support their settlement in Canada.

Temporary visa: Study Permits

Do you intend to study in Canada and you have a partner and/or kids, they can both be included in your study permit application. Your partner will be allowed to accompany you to Canada with a spousal open work permit granting them the opportunity to find a job.

Click here to know more about Family immigration and how to apply.







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