Applying for a Canadian visa is somehow easy but sometimes it is exhausting. For you to have it easy, you have to gather all the necessary information and procedures.

Canada is a great country and it’s a perfect destination for immigrants seeking a better life and for tourists who wants to explore the great nation. In this article, I will be writing about the Canada visitor visa also known as the tourist visa. These steps should guide you.



You have to fill the application form correctly; you can download the form here: Form IMM5257.

·         The form doesn’t need to be printed out; you have to fill it digitally. Know that you have to view the form using Adobe Acrobat. You might see displays like “Please wait” message depending on the browser you are using especially Chrome or Firefox.

·          Go ahead and download it and use a PDF reader and fill it out using Acrobat.

·         Make sure you read the instructions carefully when filling the forms.

·         There is a barcode, don’t forget it.

·         Review your application properly. Be sure you have completed all the information and provide the necessary documentation. An incomplete document or fake document will result in rejection of your application for the tourist visa.


The form varies; sometimes it is the IMM5645E form or the IMM5707 form. They are both family information forms. In order for you to be on the safer side, fill the form that is indicated in your document checklist.

·         The form can be downloaded from here: IMM5645E

·         Fill out the form digitally like the application form and don’t sign it, you will be requested for a digital signature later in the application process.


These are the documents that should be required:

·       Valid passport:  A scanned duplicate of the bio page and all accompanying pages with visas and stamps.  Also, know that your passport must have a minimum of 6 months validity.

·     Digital passport photograph: The size of the passport should be 35mm X 45mm. Passport background should be white. This is a sample.

·      You will be required to provide proof of the purpose of your travel.

·         You will also have to provide your travel history: passports you have used in the last 10 years, expired and valid passports and if you are living outside your birth country, you will have to provide your immigration status document.

·         Proof of financial support: Certificate of employment, bank statement for the last four months, proof of assets if there are any and others.

·         Letter of explanation: This is not compulsory but it boosts your chances. It is a letter explaining your visit to Canada and the details of the trip.


You need to always check the latest information and updates on visa application fees before processing your application.

·         If you are applying online, you will have to pay the processing fee at the end of the application.

·         If you are applying in person, you need to visit the nearest visa application center (VAC) and bring your passport and other documents with the fee attached to it.


After you have made the payment, you will receive a receipt that contains a tracking number for you to monitor and know the progress of your application online.

You just need to be relaxed and track your application online and that will be after you have submitted your application form.


These are a few notes that will make your application easier:

·         Only files and document in this format will be accepted: PDF, DOC or DOCX (Microsoft word) JPG, TIFF or PNG (for pictures/images).

·         Only one file per the requirement will be allowed.

·         Each file size must not be more than 4MB.

·         Review your documents to be sure all documents are complete.




  1. Very good information, sometimes not knowing how to apply for a Canadian eta, you lose a lot of time and money on pages that do not contribute much …


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