Security Personnel

As the number of people in Canada increase so does the interest of security personnel. To qualify as security personnel you should have a valid security license.

Each security personnel in Canada must stick carefully to the security personnel guidelines and complete rules of Private Security. Insightful Service Act of 2005, which includes having a valid license while on duty, must be obeyed. Security personnel who disregard these guidelines are subject to 1-year imprisonment but also a fine of up to C$25,000.

Security Personnel

Steps On How To Become A Licensed Security Personnel In Canada

This steps will help make things easy and clarify the way towards becoming authorized security personnel in Canada.

1. Guarantee You Satisfy All Requirements To Become A Security Personnel:

  • You should be 18 years or more.
  • Have a clean criminal history.
  • Have a valid work visa.
  • Permanent residency Permit.
  • Qualified to work in Canada

 2. Complete The Compulsory Basic Training Including A First Aid And CPR Certification:

  • Applicants must finish a training class for security personnel.
  • Candidates can get security training at the government-approved security firms.
  • All basic training must be 40 hours in length and must include accreditation in the first aid treatment.
  • The least acceptable degree of medical first aid training is emergency Level First Aid and Level A CPR.
  • The suggested level is Standard First Aid and Level C CPR. This accreditation gives you skills and learning on the best method to manage extra crises. This gives you a bit of an advantage over others.

 3. Get Your Training Completion Number:

After you have completed your security program, this number will be issued to you by your provider. You should use the number to enroll for Security Personnel Test.

 4. Complete The Guarantor Form:

A guarantor probably should know you for at least 2 years and is accessible by phone for a check. Your guarantor must have the option to guarantee the information you gave is valid and true. In the event that you can’t find a guarantor who has known you for a long time, the following individuals can fill the guarantor form for you.

  • Your Employer
  • An official from an authorized Security Guard
  • Judge
  • Police
  • Professional accountant
  • Expert Engineer
  • Professor or director at a public school/college
  • Justice of peace/harmony
  • Pharmacist
  • Legal counselor (lawyer)
  • Mayor
  • Doctor
  • Minister of Religion approved under common law to perform marriage

You must fill out the application data area of this Guarantor Information part before you offer this to your guarantor.

5. Register For Security Guard Test:

Tests comprise of 60 numerous questions addresses based on subjects secured during basic training classes.

  • The length to finish each test is 75 minutes.
  • The charge for the security test is $75.15 after tax.
  • English and French are the basic test language.
  • Test results will be available within two days of taking the examination.
  • In the event that you fail the test, you can take it multiple times as necessary plus the full charge.
  • You can apply for a security personnel permit if you successfully pass the test.

Note: Your training completion number will be needed so as to enroll for a test.

6. Apply For Security Personnel License

When the necessary things are done, you can apply for a Security Guard License Application. You can apply with the Service of Community Safety and Correctional Services of the territory where you wish to work.

You must provide the following:

  • Passport photographs
  • Training completion number
  • Duplicates of valid identification
  • Finished guarantor form

You can download an application form and guarantor information form. Download it from your Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services site.

7. Seek/apply For A Security Position:

After getting a security license to fill in as security personnel, find the organization that is good for you and start your career.


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