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The University of Auckland is pleased to offer up to 200 scholarships for residential and foreign students. These are available to those undertaking doctoral studies at the University.

The reason for these grants is to offer help for doctoral study in the different fields at the University of Auckland. Projects are available for Ph.D., DClinPsy or the research component of an approved doctorate.

The University of Auckland is the most ranked New Zealand University in the world university rankings systems. The principle goal of the university is to provide excellent, high-quality education and training opportunities for the students.

Why at the University of Auckland-The mission of the University is to be a research-driven, international university, recognized for greatness in educating, learning, research, creative work, and organization, for the significance of its contributions to the progression of knowledge and its responsibility to serving its local, national and foreign networks.”

University of Auckland

Qualification Criteria:

The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be qualified for these grants.

  • Holders will be considered for the honor of the University of Auckland Doctoral education at the time of application to the doctoral program only.
  • These are offered in different fields to help students in upgrading their studies.
  • Applicants who have just been admitted to their doctoral program are not qualified for admission for a University of Auckland Doctoral study.
  • These will be available for full-time enrollment in the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Clinical Psychology or the research component of another approved doctorate.
  • The free study may likewise be available to domestic holders for whom socially compelling reasons make part-time enrolment preferable.
  • These are valid for domestic and foreign applicants who are paying domestic fees.
  • Residential and foreign students will be required to enroll within 3 and within half a year respectively of the date of their unconditional program offer, otherwise, the study offer will elapse. Awardees should likewise meet all requirements of their admission and study offer before any payments will be made.
  • Domestic and foreign applicants are eligible to apply

The most effective method to Apply:

Candidates don’t have to apply for this study or complete an online application form. It is granted on the recommendation of the relevant Faculty or the University of Auckland Committee.

Supporting Documents:

To apply, candidates must be ready to submit the academic transcript, Certificates, etc

Admission Requirements: Candidates must have their past degree.

Language Requirements: Candidates from outside the host country of origin will need to meet specific English language/other language requirements in order to be able to study there.

Scholarship Benefit:

  • A tax-free stipend of up to $27,000 per annum
  • The typical cost for basic items stipend value, for up to 3 years for holders enrolled in a Ph.D
  • DClinPsy or the research component of other approved doctorate.
  • Mandatory educational fees will be covered for up to three years for all domestic and foreign students. It is for students who are qualified to study under the domestic cost policy. Foreign students will likewise get mandatory international holder health cover. Part-time students will be paid proportionally for as long as 72 months.

Application Deadline: No application required

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