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TORONTO, ON - JANUARY 4: Fans celebrate after Nic Petan #19 of Team Canada scores his 3rd goal of the game against Team Slovakia during a semi-final game in the 2015 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship at the Air Canada Centre on January 4, 2015 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Team Canada defeated Team Slovakia 5-1 to advance to the gold medal final. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)

10 Interesting Facts About Canada You Didn’t Know

Do you intend to travel to Canada? Here are fascinating facts to know to capitalize on your excursion:

·         Canada is the second-biggest nation on the planet after Russia

At 9.984 million square kilometers, The country is the second-biggest nation on the planet. It touches 3 particular sea coasts. Its huge wild makes it a well-known goal for outdoor activities. It has 10 provinces, which are associated by the Trans-Canada Highway, which is around 5,000 miles long. In case you’re hoping to drive from the west bank of the country toward the east coast, it would take you around about fourteen days.

·         The Niagara Falls gets a larger number of tourists than any other landmark in Canada

Other than being the second-biggest nation on the planet. The country is likewise a top destination for tourists. Truth be told, as per Statistics Canada, the nation gets around 20 million tourists every year. It has a sparkling cluster of landmarks for travelers to explore. The Niagara Falls get far a larger number of tourists than other landmarks in the nation. Its location likewise assumes an extraordinary job in pulling in numerous visitors, as it’s only an hour’s drive from Toronto. Daredevils have made various endeavors to dive over the falls with a wide scope of local boats and barrels.

 Niagara fall

·         Canada has 20% of the world’s freshwater

This is because the country has the most number of lakes on the planet (around 31,752 square kilometers). The high number of lakes gives individuals an incredible method for swimming in the summer.


·         The Canadian dollar is the money of Canada

The Canadian dollar is abbreviated with the symbol $, Can$ or C$. The Canadian 1 dollar coin, which was formerly referred to as the Loonie was established in 1987. A Loonie is proportionate to one Canadian dollar.

·         Canada’s main sports are Lacrosse and Hockey

Strangely, Canada has two national sports: Lacrosse and Hockey. Lacrosse is a game played on a field, generally the size of a soccer field, with 10 players on each side that includes a goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 3 midfielders, 3 attackers. You need a lacrosse stick and lacrosse ball to play the game. When playing you utilize the leader of the lacrosse stick to move the ball (convey, catch, pass and shoot) into the goal. Hockey is a well-known sport in the world. A hockey stick is utilized to move (pass and shot) the ball into the net.

Canada sports

·         Canada intends to invite more than 1 million immigrants in the following year

Canada has the arrangement to welcome more than 1 million immigrants.  Most of these immigrants will be young skilled workers with their families, to stimulate its developing economy. The procedure will occur through The Federal Express Entry System.

·         Poutine is a dish that was established in Canada

Poutine is a well-known dish in Canada. It includes cheese curds and French fries, added with brown sauce. It began in Quebec, a dominatingly French-speaking province in the country.

Canada poutine

·         Canadians wear Toques on their heads to keep their ears warm during cold winter

The height of winter in Canada is frosty cold in places like Toronto and Montreal. Temperatures can tumble to – 20 degrees Celsius. Canadians living in these places wear Toques to keep their ears from freezing.


·         Toronto is Canada’s most multicultural city

Toronto is regularly referred to as the most multicultural city in the world because about half of its populace was born outside of Canada. The city has 200 ethnic groups and more than 140 dialects spoken. Factually, 57% of individuals living in Toronto are foreigners. Furthermore, this is floated by the way that the Charter of Rights and Freedom recognizes multiculturalism.

·         The city of Montreal has the most restaurants per capita in Canada

Montreal situated in the province of Quebec. It makes an incredible claim to have the most restaurants per capita in the country. With in excess of 5,000 restaurants in the metro island territory, this city is thought to have an eatery in each corner of the road.

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