province of Nova Scotia
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The province of Nova Scotia is facing a doctor’s shortage, and they are searching for doctors from different parts of the world.

The new Nominee Program of Nova Scotia is offering open doors for interested doctors. The opportunities will be available for qualified general professionals, professional doctors, and family doctors that have a profile in Canada federal Express Entry system. They will get an opportunity to migrate to the province of Nova Scotia and work with a group of doctors in the area.

Interested candidates should meet a few requirements set so that to get an opportunity of immigrating to the region. Some of the necessities are: interested applicants should have an approved employment offer from the Nova Scotia Health Authority in the region or on the other hand they will require an employment offer from Izaak Walton Killam Health Center and Health Center that is in Halifax. Applicants will likewise be required to submit living and working in the province of Nova Scotia for a limited period of two years so that to be considered for the selection of this new stream in the province. Applicants that have met these requirements will have a higher possibility of selection through the program.

Upon checking on the NSHA,s employment opportunities website, you understand that they currently have 124 positions available that interested candidates can apply for. These open positions go crosswise over different specializations and various areas of the province. After the selection procedure, those picked will be distributed over the province and simultaneously, the selection procedure will take care of the different specializations required in the district.

province of Nova Scotia

Recent estimations in the province of Nova Scotia demonstrated that more than 50000 Nova Scotians don’t have a family doctor. This is a disturbing deficiency and province made an investment of $39.6 million to take care of the shortage. They planned for increasing wages and office visit rates and at the same time giving the essential right technology to improve access to primary care. This move, hence, requires an increase in the number of professionals in the field and that is one of the essential objectives of the Nominee Program of Nova Scotia

The working of the new stream

The interested applicants must have a profile in the Express system for Entry, and the profile must be a valid one. One of the guiding principles of the program is integrity and fairness to every one of the applicants, and you, therefore, need to make a genuine application at all expense. Keep in mind; this is Canada’s leading source of skilled international talent.

Currently, the Entry system is the one that manages the pool of applicants for Canada’s three High Skilled migration programs, they normally hold regular invitation rounds, and through which invitations are made to the set number of most ranked applicants to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

The qualified doctors that are chosen through the NSNP normally get a letter of interest through the Entry ranking score and they have 30 days from the giving date to make an application for a provincial nomination from the province of Nova Scotia.

An extra 600 points are received by applicants who meet all requirements for a provincial nomination and are diverted towards their Express ranking system score and the applicants are ensured an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

It is necessary to note that NSNP additionally has committed doctors that normally work outside of the Express Entry framework.


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