The Province of Quebec has reported almost $55 million in funding to help in the recruitment and integration of international laborers on a temporary basis.

The government labor minister, Jean Boulet, said $20.9 million in total would help organizations in the region of Quebec towards foreign recruitment of the needed labor.

Quebec it’s facing its highest workforce shortage in the past 40 years and it right now has one of the highest job vacancy rates among the majority of Canada’s provinces.

To meet their labor needs, a large number of employers have been turning to temporary international workers since the beginning of the year 2018. In 2018, temporary work permits given for the province of Quebec increased by 36 percent over from 2017.

province of Quebec

A report by CBC News demonstrates that this pattern has quickly increased since the election held on October 2018. This election saw the area’s new Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) government present a temporary 20 percent decrease in the number of immigrants admitted to the Province of Quebec this year.

Two of the bonuses included appropriations for recruitment and providing for the immigrant’s transportation costs. These activities were declared on August 26 and were commitments by the CAQ to partially sponsor the international enrollment efforts by the region’s organizations. The last of the two activities covered up to $1,000 in migration expenses for temporary international workers, making it simpler for them to move to Quebec.

A news release from the province ministry of labor said the funding would support about 2,000 Quebec organizations in their efforts towards international recruitment.

The remaining $33.9 million will go to two programs that are pointed towards helping temporary international workers incorporate into Quebec’s labor market. These projects are Program d’aide à l’intégration des immigrants et des minorités visibles (PRIIME) and the Program d’intégration en Emploi de Personnes formées à l’étranger référées par un Ordre Professionnel (IPOP).

“The enrollment of temporary international workers is an alternative that more organizations are going to in their endeavors to handle the issue of labor shortages,” Boulet said in an announcement.

The labor minister said that there were additionally some new measures his ministry has set up. These measures would help guarantee that the settling of temporary foreign workers into the province of Quebec’s work market would be both “positive and good.”

CAQ government has experienced harsh criticism from business groups in the province of Quebec for bringing down the rate of immigration despite the high labor crisis.

In a brief filed with the administration recently, the provincial councils of commerce federation said Quebec requires an expected 60,000 immigrants for each year. These numbers represent 20,000 more immigrants than the administration anticipates accepting in 2019. Such a high number is important to bring down the work shortages being experienced and increase the development of the region’s economy.

However, different parties have said that going for temporary international workers to fill the gaps in the workforce isn’t the most practical long-term solution. This measure is non-feasible the province of Quebec’s populace is aging, and its workforce is additionally shrinking annually.

The CAQ government says the immigration policies it has set up will make accurately incorporate the foreigners. The approach additionally ensures that all immigrants fortunate enough to get admitted into Quebec meet the present work needs in the province.


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