Germany is one of the top European nations for immigrants. It is presently the fifth positive and favorable nation to move to. Immigrants, jobseekers, students, and even travelers all have a simple migration pathway and platform to come to the country.

Nonetheless, your purpose behind coming to Germany must be clear and exact, you should demonstrate that you have a genuine explanation on the off chance that you need to come to Germany. There are a few visa alternatives and pathways for you that is completely relied upon why you are coming to Germany.

Visa Types in Germany

  • Visitor/Tourist VISA
  • Business VISA
  • Visas to Study in Germany
  • Job Seeker VISA
  • Job (Employment) VISA
  • Guest Scientist VISA
  • Internship/Training VISA

On the off chance that you are moving or moving to Germany for a more extended period, you need to consider applying for the Employment, jobseeker, business, or student visa. The requirement for every one of these visas differs and may rely upon the nation you are coming from.


General Requirement to Move to Germany

  • Evidence of financial strength: whatever your explanation behind coming to Germany, you should show confirmation of adequate funds particularly on the off chance that you are wanting work or study purposes.
  • Have essential information on the German language is additionally key requirements. One of the criteria for getting employed in the country is that you should have a basic knowledge of the German language. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages has three degrees of language capability, A, B and C. Every one has two sections. So the language capability is shared into A1/A2 or essential, B1/B2 or capable in the language, and C1/C2 or advanced language abilities. So in the event that you are simply immigrating to Germany, you have to score either A1 or B1, however for the permanent resident application, you need a C1 or C2.
  • You should likewise have medical insurance that protects you for in any event a one-year time frame.
  • You ought to get a visa which ought to be your entry key to Germany. A few nations that are viewed as EU countries may not require a visa to enter the country or live there. They just need to apply for a residence permit once they have entered the nation.

Germany residence permit and the European Union Blue Card

After you have acquired a visa to move to Germany, you will be required to get a temporary residence permit which enables you to be in the country for a while after which you’d need to come back to your nation.

The EU Blue card simply like the temporary residence permit enables you to remain in the country and furthermore visit other EU countries for a while for the most part 4 years. You need to acquire a steady and permanent employment proposition before applying for the EU Blue card.

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