Canadian Citizenship Tests

The Canadian Citizenship Tests are required for an individual who wants to become a citizen of Canada. An individual who has maintained a residence in Canada as a permanent resident for a long time within  4 years going before the date of their application, they might be qualified for Canadian citizenship.

The choice of whether the 3-year prerequisite has been met will be determined by a citizenship judge. You will be given a few tests to determine residence. These tests differ generously from each other, which may cause doubt for candidates who have not been physically present in Canada for a long time.

Canadian Citizenship Tests

The first Canadian citizenship test is known as the “Strict Physical Presence” test. It’s a strict residency necessity where the candidate must demonstrate physical presence in the nation for 3 years during the 4 years promptly going before the date of application.

For the second Canadian citizenship test, residency is dictated by the degree in which an individual settles into living in Canada in association with “social relations, interests, and comforts at or in the spot being referred to.” Physical presence in Canada isn’t fundamental, given that the immigrant has set up and maintained throughout the three years in question  “pied-à-terre” in Canada and has exhibited the intention to live in the nation. With this test, a candidate qualified to satisfy the residency necessity, in spite of just going through 79 days in the nation during the 4-year window before requesting citizenship.

Requirements For Canadian Citizenship Tests

The third Canadian citizenship test is a qualitative examination of the candidate’s connections to Canada. To decide if a candidate has settled in Canada or exhibited expectation, a few factors are evaluated by the judge, including:

  • Was the individual physically present in Canada for a long time before the application for citizenship?
  • Where are the candidate’s close family and wards?
  • Do traveling patterns show a traveling individual or an individual keen on living in Canada?
  • What is the degree of physical absences?
  • Is their physical absence from Canada caused by a temporary circumstance, for example, employment, going to college, travel abroad opportunities, or going out with a spouse who has acknowledged temporary employment somewhere else?

Recent endeavors by the Federal Court to alleviate the three tests have stayed pointless. At present, case law requires that a citizenship judge picks between any of the three tests in surveying a citizenship application.

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In any case, the law likewise directs the utilization of the qualitative examination test when the requirements for the physical presence test are not met. The Federal Court has reliably held that citizenship judge record which of the three tests was applied.

It’s uncertain whether the Parliament will intercede to finish this confusing interpretation of the residency requirements. Candidates who have not been physically present in Canada for the full 3 years and want to expand their odds of progress are encouraged to guarantee their application recognizes a few or the entirety of the variables of the third Canadian citizenship test.

Failed candidates are allowed to re-apply when their conditions with respect to physical presence are progressively good during the three year reference period.

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