Henan Provincial Government Scholarship

The Government of Henan Province in China welcomes applications for the Henan Provincial Government scholarship open to exceptional international students and researchers for degree programs and non-degree programs in the Henan region for the 2020/21 academic year.

Henan Provincial Government Scholarship is set up by the Government of Henan Province to help provincial colleges to select exceptional international scholars and researchers for degree programs and non-degree programs in Henan territory.

The language of guidance for candidates enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate and non-degree programs is in Chinese. In any case, a few majors are taught in the English language. (You can check the university site or contact the university international admissions department for information.)

Henan Provincial Government Scholarship

Worth of The Henan Provincial Government scholarship

  • The educational cost for Henan Provincial Government Scholarship is free. Other expenses should pay for yourself.

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  • The candidate ought to be a non-Chinese citizen, medically fit, and with no criminal records.
  • Candidates ought to comply with Chinese laws, guidelines, and university regulations.
  • The candidates ought to have a decent frame of mind toward learning and have acquired great achievements in their past studies.
  • Education foundation and age limit?
  • Candidates for bachelor and three-year university programs must hold a secondary school certificate and must be younger than 30.
  • Applicants for masters program must hold a bachelor’s college degree or must hold a three-year college degree for over 2 years, and be younger than 40.
  • Candidates for the doctoral program must hold a master’s graduate degree and be younger than 45.
  • Candidates for the Chinese language program must hold a secondary school certificate and be under the age of 55.
  • Applicants for the general scholar program, advanced researcher program and research scholar program must be younger than 45.
  • The age limit can be extended under specific situations.

The Most Effective Method to Apply

Stage 1 Candidates ought to follow the criteria of the scholarship and apply to the university. Candidates must submit and forward the scanned application documents in PDF format to [email protected]. Application Form for Henan University of Chinese Medicine, Copy of substantial passport (the page including individual data and photograph), Certified certificate or legally approved duplicate of highest diploma, Transcripts of Study and other related reports/documents.

Stage 2 The college begins processing the application as per the admission and scholarship criteria and furthermore the candidate’s significant preference. If the candidate meets the scholarship qualification requirements and the application materials are complete, the college will issue the pre-admission notice online.

Final stage Prepare the documents in paper copy as indicated by the documents required by the Henan Provincial Government Scholarship application. Ensure there is no blunder in every one of the documents, and send the documents to them before 30th April. Forward the scanned application documents to [email protected] simultaneously.

Application Deadline: Applications for Henan Provincial Government Scholarship close April 30, 2020

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