Australian visa types

Are you planning on immigrating to Australia? Below are the Australian visa types that will guide you through.

A visa is simply a document given by a country that approves passage to a foreigner to their borders to study, work or simply take some time off. Each visa has length, cost, and specific qualities.

Regardless of what you come to Australia, whatever it is you will require a visa. It doesn’t make a difference who you are either, whoever you are there is a visa for you.

That is the reason, as we said toward the start, There are various kinds of visas for various sorts of individuals. What you should be clear is that one of them bears your name, so … Go on to discover which is the best for you!

Various Australian visa types

  • Tourist and Visitor Visa Australia
  • Student Visas
  • Family and Partner Visas
  • Temporary Work and Holiday Visas
  • Skilled Visa
  • Employer-Sponsored Visas
  • Business, Investment and Retirement Visas
  • Refugee & Humanitarian Visas
  • Other Visas

Australian visa types

Depending on your circumstance and what you need, out of the Australian visa types, one of them will be better for you. We will go ahead and explain the significant ones to you.

Study Visa (Student Visa)

The student visa is great if you are hoping to study in Australia while working part-time to pay for your remain.

So as to acquire the student visa you should enroll in a recognized course that will proceed to at least  12 weeks (or 3 months, which is the equivalent).

Your visa will cover the study time frame in addition to an additional vacation time, which will fluctuate depending upon the span of the course you pick. For instance, if the length of your course is a half year, the visa could have a term of 8 months or more.

Visa cost: $ 620 AUD

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Tourist/Visitor Visa

This is one of the Australian visa types. This is the choice you are searching for in the event that you are going to come to Australia on a vacation or spend a short period.

There are two kinds of visitor visa: Visa eVisitor (651) which is free and enables you to be up to a limit of 3 months and Tourist Visa Visitor (600) which costs between $ 140 AUD and $ 1020 AUD and enables you to be up to a year in the nation.

Family and Spouse Visas

This sort of visa enables you to come to Australia with your family or spouse so both or all of you can study and work lawfully in the nation. Sounds great right?

It is a perfect alternative for formal couples and families. You should also realize that the conditions are not the equivalent for all family members and spouses.

Visa cost: $1.080 AUD

Skilled Visa

The Skilled Visa is a kind of the Australian visa type for skilled laborers whose jobs are among the most requested by Australia.

Who chooses on the off chance that you are a suitable applicant is an autonomous element which the Government delegates. You should reach them to realize all the documentation to send, the best approach to do it, the scoring system and different necessities to get their expert approval.

Visa cost: beginning at $ 3.755 AUD

Temporary Work and Holiday Visas

Temporary Work and Holiday Visa is one of the most mainstream on this side of the world since it enables you to work and learn simultaneously for a year. Interestingly, you must be mindful, in light of the fact that in many nations places are limited and you must be among the first to apply and meet all the requirements…

Visa cost: $ 485 AUD

Here, in summary, we leave you a table that accumulates every one of the costs of the visas with the goal that you can counsel them initially.

Tourist visas            Subclass                  Price

Visitor Visa                   Subclass 600         From 140 to 1.020 AUD

eVisitor                         Subclass  651                Free

Student visas

Student Visa               Subclass  500                  620 AUD

Work visas

Work and Holiday        Subclass 462            485 AUD

Skilled Nominated visa     Subclass 190      From 3.755 AUD

Visa Sponsor                                                         420 AUD

Temporary Graduate Visa      Subclass 845             From 1.535 AUD

Family and Partner Visas 

Family and Partner Visas                                              1.080AUD

Other visas

Couple (De Facto Visa)                                                  1.080 AUD

These are the Australian Visa types. I hope this article serves its purpose.


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