It’s no news that the coronavirus flare-up has formed an epidemic, and has been pronounced a pandemic. Such a significant number of individuals are being affected, and numerous death cases have been recorded all around the globe. As indicated by reports more than 13,000 death cases have been recorded particularly from nations in Europe and Asia.

Coronavirus Update in Canada And How it Has Affected The Permanent Residence Application

The ongoing report released by the prime minister of Canada Justin Pierre James Trudeau is that his wife Sophie Grégoire has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. This news has brought fear in the hearts of Canadians and immigrants as well, with everybody encouraged to remain at home until the circumstance has been settled.

In the wake of this pandemic, the Canadian government has expressed that it has shut its international borders to any individual who is certifiably not a Canadian resident or a permanent resident.

This closure of the border will imply that IRCC will briefly be shut for a while to avoid additionally spread of the virus in the nation.

Application for Permanent Residence is done mostly online and fortunately, the Coronavirus has not affected the web. This implies all applications submitted online will be handled as normal aside from incomplete applications.


Immigrants who wish to move to Canada permanently should initially create an Express Entry profile online through IRCC official site. If an application or a profile rank higher than others or possibly meets the cut-off score, at that point an invitation to apply for a permanent resident is sent to the candidate.

Candidates are expected to present an application in response to this application to Canada immigration center (IRCC). The application is meant to be submitted within 60 days permitted with all the required documents. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, candidates who can’t get their documents ready within the specified period must indicate to IRCC when they submit their application.

IRCC has likewise declared that candidates who have been affected by the virus in any way, and consequently can’t get their documents ready will be given an extra 90 days to provide the documents and should indicate with a letter when they apply.

Changes on Permanent Residence Application

Application for permanent residence that has been submitted early and where been processed will advance as usual. Also know that they may encounter slight delays.

Some of the Visa offices in Canada and around the globe have likewise been shut down. However, this doesn’t mean no further applications are been acknowledged as of now.

IRCC is still accepting applications online as normal and will be processed as should be expected. A few centers might be permitted to function with only a few numbers of staff those whose jobs are essential.

As of now, the application procedures for permanent residence is still particularly the same with simply slight changes and delays.

All documents, for example, police authentications, biometrics, international IDs, medical reports and so on are required. These documents are to be submitted alongside the PR application.

Candidates will be given an extra 90 days to assist them to get all the necessary documents. This for the processing of these document to proceed easily.

So new candidates who are at present unfit to give all the requested documents in view of the coronavirus must indicate to IRCC through their site in other to get an extension.

Any application that isn’t complete and was not appropriately indicated will be rejected never minding the coronavirus disturbance.


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