The most trending and scaring news of 2020 has been the COVID-19. With the undeniably disturbing rate at which coronavirus has led to more than 4,000 deaths recorded globally by global organizations, one marvels what impact this has on education and all the more critically, what colleges can do to reduce the effect of COVID-19 on education.

We’re glad to share a few thoughts on ways colleges/universities can drench fears and handle the circumstance in the most ideal way possible.


1. Make the admissions procedure flexible

The situation being what it is, a few students will choose to change their study abroad plans while others go for conceding their entrance. Hence, colleges should think about this and be more flexible than previously.

2. Classes ought to get virtual

Talks need to go on regardless of the pandemic. The most ideal approach to do that in light of the current situation is to make the classes virtual.

3. Colleges should disclose proactive measures taken

Some foreign students are very willing to study abroad in affected nations. Schools can help remove fears by uncovering what plans they’ve taken to guarantee students would not get exposed or infected to the virus.


4. Stress on preventive measures

Offering guidance on preventive measures for students like thorough hand washing, proper wearing of nose masks to cover the nose and mouth and so on are useful. Maintaining personal hygiene is critical.

5. Take advantage of the learning opportunities

Thus, universities can make this a learning opportunity for students. This should be possible by making short documentaries, productions, skits, online classes, and so on. The objective is to assist students with becoming familiar with COVID-19, preventive measures just as what to do whenever exposed.

6. Let the students be aware that they are not alone in this

Another way colleges can moderate the COVID-19 effect on global education is by adhering to international travel restrictions. Additionally, good counseling administrations and hotlines to report potential cases of discrimination ought to be provided. Along these lines, students will understand that they’re not alone in this

Considering the overwhelming wave effects of coronavirus over the globe, all hands must be ready. All stakeholders must be at the front line making deliberate efforts including colleges to relieve the COVID-19 effect on education. Join the fight, stay updated and do the little you can.


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