Online Masters Program in Canada
A lot of students enroll in a master’s program immediately after finishing their bachelor’s degree. Students who enroll for masters degree usually want to build on their previous careers or come back to college for a career change. The vast majority of these programs are offered online. In this article, we look at the different least expensive online masters program in Canada.
Online education is likewise a great solution for people who already have a job and still want or need further education. Low educational cost and time adaptability are the fundamental advantages of online learning. This is the ideal path for students to save costs. Online bachelor’s degrees include evening and weekend classes that are perfect for grown-ups looking for a career change or for high school graduates searching for an ambitious start.
Online learning offers lower educational costs while maintaining content quality and teacher involvement as on-campus masters. Let’s take a look at some of the least expensive online masters programs in Canada.

Cheapest Online Masters Program in Canada

1. Masters of Public Health

University of Waterloo

Waterloo offers a course and a hands-on Master of Public Health (MPH) in view of the successful MSc and Ph.D. builds. Degrees in public health presently offered by the School of Public Health and Health Systems. The program is accessible for both full-time and part-time studies.
For fourteen days of block courses, campus participation is required twice. The Foundations in Public Health is the initial fourteen days block course to occur toward the start of the program in August.
The Capstone Course in Public Health is the second block course that takes place during the beginning of the fourteen days program in the month of May/June.
All other required courses do exclude from on-campus parts. Regularly, new electives may be offered for a one-semester campus and offered online in the next years.
Education costs: $2,500 CAD

2. Masters of Environment and Economy

University of Waterloo

The Master of Environment and Business (MEB) is a program intended to meet the developing needs of business sustainability professionals. It is an independent group of knowledgeable, skillful, self-confident, and inspired people who have the data, tools, and expertise to incorporate the environment into the business.
The MEB program furnishes you with an MBA-equivalent degree through online courses with reduced on-campus and online course material.
Students can finish the MEB in a year or take the 3-year part-time job alternative.
Education costs: $11, 000 CAD

3. Business Administration – MBA

Royal Roads University

The MBA in Executive Management at Royal Roads University is intended for working individuals. We’ve utilized our industry experience to make a program that gives you the strong foundation you expect from the present business leaders and the opportunity to put your learning into practice.
The program builds on every student’s present knowledge and experience to build up the strategic skills that drive business development and gives a comprehensive knowledge of critical management issues.
Also, students can pick electives in areas, for example, sustainability, innovation, teaching, or international business to secure an individualized MBA experience that is consistent with their career objectives.
Education cost: $43,530-$50,109

4. Conflict Analysis and Management – MA

Royal Roads University

The MA in Conflict Analysis and Management is a two-year, interdisciplinary graduate program that gives students a foundation for recognizing, analyzing, and overseeing intra-party and cross-party conflicts in a variety of organizational contexts, including residential, intercultural, and global environments.
The greater part of this program is experienced through online learning. With online courses, you can meet the necessities of work and family while studying.
Through our online learning platform, you can access your reading materials, do coordinated and group assignments, and associate with different schoolmates and teachers Online from everywhere.
The duration of each online course is nine weeks, with about fourteen days between courses.
Education costs: $25,280 – $31,859 US dollars

5. Management: Technology, Innovation, and Operations – MIM

University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg offers a remarkable, industry-oriented graduate program – a Master in Management (MiM) specializing in technology, innovations, and activities.
The Master in Management (MiM), specializing in technology, innovation, and tasks, is a 30-credit hour graduate, offered in a unique hybrid delivery model. Students learn both on-campus and online.
Education cost: $23,186

6. Masters of Nursing – MN

University of Lethbridge

The aim of this program is to satisfy the need for a barrier-free and significant Master of Nursing Degree (MN) that tends to the necessities of grown-up nursing students who wish to proceed with long-lasting learning, get extra qualifications, and seek leadership skills Research.
Potential students can work in different roles and want to improve their education to upgrade their employment opportunities. We anticipate that our graduates should be employed in nursing education or in various other health care capacities.
Education costs: $17,068-$38,846

7. Masters of Information Management

Dalhousie University

Our industry-centered Master of Information Management program has been created and executed by world-class scientists in an award-winning faculty.
The degree is the first of its type in Canada. It builds on your current knowledge and experience to assist you with building up the critical skills and best practices for managing the data, dangers, and changes you need to enable your business to outperform.
Education costs: $43,964.00 CAD

8. Masters of Science/Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

University of Guelph

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a worldview for creating systems with abilities generally reserved for humans. It gives interesting bits of knowledge that can be utilized to improve decision-making over an expansive range of applications, from agriculture to finance.
Content is provided through a mix of online modules, lectures, group projects, and hands-on experience. Toward the end of this program, you will get a decent overview of the most recent AI techniques and a good understanding of their application to genuine problems.
Education cost: $5,192

9. Masters of Management in Finance (MMF)

McGill University

The MMF is focused on graduates with a bachelor’s degree in science, engineering, economics, the arts or commerce, and demonstrated quantitative skills who wish to work in the financial or financial capacity of an organization. The next batch will begin in the summer of 2020.
The McGill Master of Management in Finance (MMF) is a year specialist finance program. The MMF program plans students for a career in finance through a thorough educational program that combines advanced financial ideas and quantitative techniques with genuine business approaches.
Education costs: $49,500 CAD

10. Masters of Business Administration

University of Canada West

UCW’s MBA (Master of Business Administration) program, authorized by ACBSP, provides you the initiative you need to deal with challenging circumstances in a business domain.
Candidates who don’t meet the academic and professional requirements may likewise qualify for the MBA program subsequent to finishing the MBA Foundation program.
Education costs: $23,400-$35,100


In general, an online masters program in Canada offer numerous opportunities for professional development. Online learning at its own pace furnishes students with the adaptability they need to adjust work and study.

With the most recent advances in communication technology, online masters are developing new business opportunities by building student networks with shared objectives.

The majority of these certify online colleges in Canada offer lower educational costs while keeping up the content quality and teacher involvement as campus masters programs.


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