Canadian Tech Companies
For a few months now, the worldwide corona virus pandemic has caused economic agony to governments, organizations, and even families throughout the world.
Canadian’s giant tech sector is the hope of bringing back normalcy to the nation’s economy post-corona virus. In general, some other industry in the nation’s economy greatly relies upon tech firms to meet their day by day needs in territories, for example, capital intensive manufacturing, cybersecurity, A.I., enormous data and information privacy, eco-technology, online organizations, and telecommunication as demonstrated in a white paper report initiated “The Post-Viral Pivot: How Canada’s Tech Start-ups Can Drive the Recovery from COVID-19.”
In that report, economic scientists demystified how tech-related new companies are acclimating to the effects of the present pandemic. How they might be the key players in promoting the recuperation of the economy when corona virus is behind us, and what will occur if they lack enough reinforcement. The report depicts an elevated perspective on the current economic crisis and how tech new companies are the best bet towards a rapid and effective recovery.
Regardless of the mass layoff and drastic economic shift in practically all organizations, the report demonstrated that the tech industry is really developing with organizations employing more individuals in the midst of the corona virus crisis. A similar situation was seen in 2008 during the global economic recession.
In spite of the fact that it’s not clear whether the organizations that are progressing admirably and doing so as a result of being already well-positioned to fulfill the new market demands or they were fit for modifying their tasks in a great time to adjust to the drastic changes that were caused by the corona virus.
While the tech firms are flourishing, more positions of highly skilled talents continue opening at the dawn of every single new day in Canada.
The following is a rundown of tech organizations that are at present searching for new and workers, and they will continue employing post corona virus.

1. Shopify

Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce organization headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. The organization has branches everywhere throughout the world. As of late as May 8, the organization publicized for 17 tech-related opportunities. Strangely, the organization is currently making more cash by 47 percent than it did in its first quarter a year ago. While different organizations are scarcely on their feet because of this pandemic, the Shopify stage has grown by 62 percent between March 13 and April 24, 2020. The organization is anticipated to keep growing and recruiting more tech folks much after corona virus is no more.

2. Cyclica

Cylica is a Canadian biotech organization that vigorously utilizes artificial intelligence and computational biophysics for their everyday tasks. In the relatively recent past, the organization joined hands with Mannin Research to help create corona virus medications.

3. Tealbook

As indicated by the IEC report, Tealbook is among the Canadian organizations that are expected to develop this year. It’s presently advertising for senior developers and product manager’s jobs. The organization specializes in a huge database of supplies for the acquisition department looking for basic merchandise and services for their organizations. It’s known for its quick response even during a crisis.

4. Dialogue Technologies

It’s a Montreal-based organization that offers virtual medical care that is payable by medical insurance or an employer. Presently, they are searching for additional individuals to work on their H.R., finance, sales, and medical department. The organization reacted to corona virus emergency by giving special COVID-19 resources, for example, a free virtual tool, known as Cloe, which addresses corona-virus frequently asked questions. As indicated by the IEC report, the organization is expected to grow by 300% in the coming few months to 600 workers

5. Mind Beacon

Brain Beacon is situated in Toronto and focuses on offering digital psychological health services. Right now, this organization is employing health-related related fields across Canada. This is because of the high demand for health workers expected to help during this emergency. Because of the staying at home Covid-19 special measure to decrease spreading the virus, Mind Beacon traffic has increased by around 15 times.

6. Opentext

This Waterloo-based enterprise data management software organization has several empty positions on its website page. Since the beginning of corona virus, Opentext has shifted its efforts to enable different firms to adjust to the change brought about by Covid-19. The IEC report shows this organization will also glow in the following months to come.

Immigration Options for Tech Workers

Because of the deficiency in the workforce in the nation, numerous nations are searching for the international workforce to come and fill the gap. Thus, a few Canadian immigration initiatives have at the front line in faculties the process toward employing skilled workers from different nations. The most striking initiative is the Global Talent Stream since it began in excess of 73,359 professionals who have been brought to Canada—968 persons were brought for this present year.
Other initiatives that are assisting with bringing individuals from all over the world to come and work in Canada include;
  • The Ontario Tech Pilot, which invited 954 applicants in January this year to apply for a provincial nomination for Canadian permanent residence.
  • B.C. Tech Pilot, which has been inviting candidates to apply for provincial nomination on a weekly basis. Applicants who get the provincial nomination by means of Express Entry system has a superior chance for success since, additionally whatever points they have, they get an extra 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.


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