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An online degree is an academic degree that can be gotten using an Internet-connected computer, as opposed to going to school in a conventional campus setting. An online degree can only be gotten from an online college or university.

Technology has changed all most every level of the academic arena. Numerous kinds of students, including recent high school graduates and experienced specialists, go after online programs. Aside from offering adaptable scheduling options, online learning allows students to attend out-of-country/state institutions without relocating.

Obtaining a college degree frequently leads to advanced career opportunities and higher salary potential. Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that higher levels of education comes with a better salary and reduces unemployment rates.

Since students have such much academics options, prospective students should cautiously analyze and investigate schools and programs. This article provides a list of accredited, top-notch online college and university to assist students to start their search. The online college and university below are positioned based on factors including the variety of degree offerings, graduation rates, and affordability.

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Best Online College And University Rankings of 2020

Students ought to consider their personal needs and inclinations while choosing an institution. The positioning below factors in angles numerous students value, which includes accreditation and affordability. Students can utilize this list as a starting point while searching for the best online college and university.


Established in 1853 and now the third-biggest university in Florida by student populace (more than 55,000 in 2018), the University of Florida (UF) offers more than 100 undergraduate majors and more than 200 graduate programs. U.S. News and World Report rank UF’s online bachelor’s programs among the best in the country (No. 4 out of 353 schools).

This online school offers online undergraduate programs in famous fields like psychology, business administration, health education, and computer science. Exactly as their on-campus scholars, online students can get to the Career Connections Center (CCC), one of the top-ranked career centres in the nation. CCC services incorporate career counselling, resume and interview readiness, and online workshops.

College Choice Score: 100.00

Average Net Price: $4,477


In spite of the fact that Judson University became an independent institution in 1963, it traces its foundations back to 1913 with the establishment of the Northern Theological Seminary. Today, the college positions among the top regional colleges in the Midwest (No. 72 out of 162 schools), admits more than 1,250 students and offers more than 60 undergraduate programs.

Judson offers online degrees through its Adult Professional Program. Students can pursue a bachelor of arts in applied psychology, business administration, human services, or organizational leadership. The period of time it takes to procure an online bachelor’s degree depends on a students educational background toward the beginning of their program.

College Choice Score: 99.06

Average Net Price: $28,834


Established in 1946 on the site of a previous Army medical clinic, LeTourneau University (LETU) started as an all-male institution. Today, it admits more than 3,150 people and offers two-and four-year degrees and graduate programs across eight academic schools. LETU is ranked among the top regional universities in the West (No. 25 out of 128 schools).

Similar to other online universities, LETU offers online degrees in a few fields of study, including computer information system, criminal justice, human services, and aviation management. Similar to on-campus students, online enrollees can access the services offered at the Student Success Center including academic and career counselling.

College Choice Score: 98.70

Average Net Price: $29,630


The University of Central Florida (UCF) was founded in 1963 as the Florida Technological University with the first graduating class containing 423 students. Today, UCF enlists about 59,000 students and offers more than 220 majors across 13 universities. The university positions among top universities offering online bachelor’s programs (No. 16 out of 353 schools).

UCF offers more than 20 bachelor’s programs fully online. students can pick from an assortment of disciplines including health informatics and information management, social sciences, technical education and industry training, and legal studies. The online bachelor’s programs at UCF only acknowledge students moving from another certify institution. The period of time it takes to finish an online college degree depends on a student’s academic background toward the beginning of their program. Numerous programs offer asynchronous classes, making online classes considerably progressively adaptable and convenient.

College Choice Score: 98.48

Average Net Price: $4,478


Maryville University began in 1872 as an academy for young women. Today, the college enlists in excess of 10,200 young people who originate from every one of the 50 states and 58 nations. Maryville University offers more 90 programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels.

The college additionally offers over 30 online degrees, a large number of which can be completed without any campus visits. Students can acquire a degree in one of a few accessible academic fields, for example, management information systems, organizational leadership, forensic psychology, and sustainability.

College Choice Score: 93.92

Average Net Price: $26,070


Kansas State University (K-State) started in 1863 as Kansas State Agricultural College, the nation’s first land grant college and the only one in the state. The university presently admits more than 22,000 students and offers more than 250 undergraduate majors and more than 165 graduate degrees and certificate programs. U.S. News and World Report include K-State in its rankings of the best schools for online bachelor’s program (No. 58 out of 353 schools).

Students can pick an online bachelor’s program in fields, for example, nutrition and health, human development and family science, educational studies, and food science and industry. Kansas State University offers online students a similar comprehensive student’s benefits that they offer on-campus students. Online enrollees can benefit from career counselling, academic advisement, and one-on-one tutoring guide. Kansas State University career centre additionally enables online students in their job hunt after graduation.

College Choice Score: 93.52

Average Net Price: $9,375


Florida International University (FIU) started in a relinquished airfield in 1972 with an initial enlistment of 5,667 students. FIU now admits more than 48,000 students and its made up of 10 academic colleges offering more than 190 degrees. U.S. News and World Report include FIU in its list of schools offering the best online bachelor’s program in the nation (No. 52 out of 353 schools).

Students can choose from over 100 online degrees offered by FIU in an assortment of disciplines, including health services administration, logistics and supply chain management, public policy and service, public relations, advertising, and applied communication. Online students can likewise take online leadership workshops to increase their chances of securing a job after graduation.

College Choice Score: 93.19

Average Net Price: $4,721

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Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC) started in 1840 as an all-ladies’ school known as Saint Mary’s Female Institute. It began enlisting men to its distance learning programs in 2005 and turned out to be completely coeducation in 2015. Today, SMWC enlists more than 1,700 people, offers over 30 associate and bachelor’s programs, and is positioned by U.S. News and World Report as one the top regional college in the Midwest.

SMWC offers 13 online bachelor’s degrees in various academic disciplines, including health administration, human resource management, professional writing, and information technology. SMWC appoints an academic counsellor to online students to help keep them on track.

College Choice Score: 92.56

Average Net Price: $29,510


Johnson University (JU) started as the School of Evangelists in 1893 before turning out to be Johnson Bible College in 1909. It accomplished university status in 2011 when it finally took on its present name. Johnson University offers over 70 programs in its Tennessee and Florida campuses as well as online.

JU offers online bachelor’s degrees in the accompanying fields: applied linguistics, business administration, intercultural studies, ministry leadership, and pastoral care and counselling. JU takes part in the Tennessee Transfer Pathways Program. Resident students with an associate degree from a Tennessee community college can transfer their associate credits toward an on-campus or online JU program.

The Academic Support Center offers various services to both on-campus and online students including research project writing assistance, how to perform college-level research, tutorials, and career and academic counselling.

College Choice Score: 90.69

Average Net Price: $14,880


Founded in 1865 as Union Business College, Peirce College started as a school centred on giving educational opportunities for soldiers coming back to the state after the Civil War. Today, Peirce only serves the sole educational needs of working students. Peirce enlists more than 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students, 92% of whom are more than 21 years of age.

Peirce offers online bachelor’s degrees in 11 fields of study, including health information administration, human service leadership, technology management, and human resource management.

College Choice Score: 90.58

Average Net Price: $14,400


Established on Christmas Eve in 1890, Oklahoma State University (OSU) started as a land-grant institution called the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College. The opening class included 22 men and 23 women. Today, OSU admits more than 35,000 undergraduate and graduate students from every one of the 50 states and more than 100 nations.

Students can pick an online bachelor’s program from various disciplines, for example, early childcare and development, business administration, computer science, nursing, and psychology. OSU offers online students similar support benefits as on-campus enrollees.

College Choice Score: 88.72

Average Net Price: $5,366


Established in 1963 and now the third biggest university in Georgia, Kennesaw State University (KSU) enlist about 38,000 undergraduate and graduate students and offers over 150 programs of study across 13 colleges. KSU pulls in students from everywhere throughout the region and the country and from 92 nations around the world.

KSU offers over 150 completely online programs. Students can decide to go after an online bachelor’s degree in one of seven territories: business, computer and software engineering, education, engineering and engineering technology, integrative studies, logistics and operations, and social science.

College Choice Score: 88.65

Average Net Price: $4,341


Oregon State University (OSU) began in 1868 as the Corvallis State Agricultural College. It presently enlists about 32,000 students and offers over 200 academic programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. OSU draws in students from each of the 50 states and more than 100 countries. U.S. News and World Report rank OSU as one of the top providers of online bachelor’s programs in the nation (No. 5 out of 353 schools).

OSU offers over 30 online bachelor’s programs through the e-campus. students can pick from various academic fields including environmental human development and family sciences; economics and policy; geography and geospatial science; and women, gender, and sexuality studies. Majority of OSU’s online degrees maintain four beginning dates every year and can be pursued without any campus visits.

College Choice Score: 85.58

Average Net Price: $9,390


Established in 1915 as Loretto College, Webster University was among the principal foundations in the region to deliver higher education to women. It presently enlists over 12,000 people and its made up of five schools and colleges. U.S. News and World Report rank Webster University among the best regional universities in the Midwest (No. 17 out of 162 schools).

The University offers more than 50 online programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. students can go after a completely online bachelor of arts degree in the accompanying academic areas: criminology, educational studies, general studies, management, psychology, and religion and global society. Webster University likewise offers online degree completion programs in data analytics, media communications, and nursing.

College Choice Score: 83.10

Average Net Price: $27,700

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Why More Students Are Choosing Online College And University

Among the numerous reasons students decide to go to online programs, Flexibility is a common thought, as indicated by the 2019 National Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report. Working professionals and occupied students with personal duties regularly need scheduling flexibility to secure their degree while satisfying other obligations.

Cost is another significant thought for online students. Distance learning is frequently more affordable than on-campus programs since online learning commonly diminishes or reduces expenses related to accommodation and transportation. Numerous states take part in reciprocity agreements through which students can fit the bill for in-state educational cost rates at certain out-of-state schools.

Students with medical issues or mobility issues can likewise profit from online learning, which permits students to study from home and in environments where they can get basic medical services. Furthermore, numerous online programs permit students to enlist part-time or full coursework at a fast pace.

So that was our list of Top Online College And University Rankings. More Online College And University will be added to the ranking so keep checking. You can as well check our list of 100 Free University Courses Online in 2020 [UPDATED].


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