Scholarships in Australia

Most people see Australia as an open space of kangaroos, koalas, other animals, and clean air and water. Australia has a lot more to offer than the usual expectations. Lots of international students are choosing to study in Australia because of its friendly, laid-back nature, excellent education system, and high standard of living.

Australia is the biggest island in the world, the sixth biggest country in the world in land area, and the only nation to govern an entire continent. There are more than 500 national parks and more than 2,700 conservation areas, ranging from wildlife sanctuaries to Aboriginal reserves.

Australia is presently the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world, behind the United States and the UK. Many international students choose to study there because of the cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education.

Lots of people around the world know Australia for being a beautiful country but Australians also enjoy the world-class quality of living, with six of the cities in the top 40 cities in the world. The education system is among the world’s best with safe, friendly communities from coast to coast.

Have you always wanted to study in Australia? Now’s your chance, with this selection of Australian scholarships.

The list below covers government-funded, externally funded, and university-specific Australian scholarships for international students at the bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. levels.

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Government-funded Scholarships in Australia for International Students

Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) 

Scholarships to study in Australia for students of all degree levels (bachelors, masters, Ph.D.) hailing from selected countries within the Asia-Pacific region, Africa, and the Middle East. Applicants from Indonesia can also apply for the Allison Sudradjat Prize and/or the Hadi Soesastro Prize.

Destination Australia awards

Over 1,000 scholarships of up to AU$15,000 per student per year are available to both domestic and international students to study at all study levels at universities in regional Australia.

Research Training Program (RTP)  

Postgraduate-level Australian scholarships for domestic and international students to study a research degree at a participating Australian university.

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Specific University Australian Scholarships for International Students

Australian Catholic University International Student Scholarships 

Scholarships for commencing international undergraduate and postgraduate students awarded based on academic merit.

Australian National University 

Various scholarships are available for international students at all study levels, which can be found using a search tool on the university site.

Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) 

Tuition fee scholarships available for master’s or Ph.D. students enrolled at the University of Adelaide.

Deakin University 

A search tool for finding scholarships to study at Deakin University in Melbourne.

Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (FIPRS)

Australian scholarships to study at Flinders University in Adelaide. Awarded to master’s and Ph.D. research students, based on merit.

Melbourne Research Scholarships (MRS)

Scholarships for high-achieving domestic and international students to undertake a master’s research program at the University of Melbourne.

University of Sydney International Scholarships 

Scholarships for international students undertaking research programs (master’s or Ph.D.) at the University of Sydney.

University of Newcastle Postgraduate Research Scholarships (UNIPRS) 

Australian scholarships for postgraduate students to study in Australia at the University of Newcastle.

Victoria University International Scholarships 

A range of scholarships for international students, such as the VU International Postgraduate Research Scholarship.

UTS International Undergraduate Full Tuition Scholarship

UTS will pay each recipient’s tuition fees for the approved bachelor’s degree for the duration of the scholarship. The scholarship lasts for the standard number of sessions required for completion of the recipient’s enrolled undergraduate course on the basis of full-time study load. There’s also an equivalent postgraduate scholarship.

University of Western Australia International Postgraduate Research Scholarships 

Research scholarships for master’s and Ph.D. students to study in Australia at the University of Western Australia. Covers tuition fees, a fortnightly stipend for living expenses, and health insurance.

Other Scholarships in Australia for international students

International Water Centre Scholarships for International Students 

Australian scholarships for international students undertaking the Masters in Integrated Water Management program at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.

The Northcote Graduate Scholarship 

A scholarship for UK students to undertake a postgraduate degree in Australia for up to three years. Administered by the Britain-Australia Society on behalf of the Northcote Trust.

Fulbright Program 

The Australian-American Fulbright Commission offers scholarships to American citizens across all career stages. Awardees take part in an academic and cultural exchange, pursuing research or study at an Australian institution, experiencing life in Australia, and bringing back their knowledge and experience to share with their communities in the U.S.




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